The Jump Start Cleanse
Designed by Ed Bauman, Ph.D.

The four-week Personal Jump Start Cleanse offers you a deeply transformative approach to guide you on their journey to wellness. When followed, the program can naturally reduce fatigue, ease anxiety, boost circulation, enhance skin tone, and restore a sense of inner tranquility. You will learn the secrets to nurturing health while helping the body eliminate lymphatic waste, and enhancing digestion, nutrient acquisition, and immunity. You need not worry that it will be overly restrictive, since fish, eggs and poultry, legumes, gluten free grains and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables will be allowed.

The Jump Start Menu is designed to strengthen the immune system and help you rediscover the joys of eating well. With its educational emphasis on the use of whole, organic foods, teas, smoothies and self-care practices, the Personal Jump Start Menu empowers participants with a potent, home tool to continue reaching optimal health. Support will be provided via four weekly meetings by phone, so you can have your questions and concerns addressed and stay on track.

Your Personal Jump Start Cleanse will consist of:

·A Health Intake Form to complete so that we can become familiar with you and your issues

·A highly informative and richly detailed Jump Start Syllabus, including the Jump Start Menu, to guide, educate and inspire

·Four weekly 30-minute support calls

·A one-month supply of Vital Scoop nutrition drink mix powder

Cost: $295 (includes all of the above)

At the conclusion of the Jump Start Cleanse, arrangements can be made to continue working with your Bauman Nutrition practitioner if desired.

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