Initial Consultation and Recommendations

Bauman Nutrition is directed by Ed Bauman, Ph.D., and offers personalized whole
foods consulting and holistic services, supporting its clients' determination to heal
themselves. We welcome your inquiries and hope you will consider our programs
on your journey to wellness. Some of our programs and products include:

Nutrition Therapy
Appropriate food & nutritional supplements, phytonutrients, herbs, and enzymes
may be advised to help the body to revitalize and correct chronic imbalances.
Clients' significant others are welcome at consultations at no extra charge.

Commit To Be Well™
The Commit to Be Well program is one of our newest services, a unique combination
of services, beginning with of careful inititial evaluation by Bauman Nutrition staff,
followed by a 6-month follow-up program, comprised of weekly 30-minute
mentoring sessions by our highly skilled and insightful nutrition mentors. Click here
to learn about the clinic staff. Click here to view Commit to Be Well information.

Biochemical Assessment
Nutrition, gastrointestinal, immune and endocrine status can be determined from the
analysis of blood, hair, stool, urine and/or saliva. The interpretation of lab information
is a great help in finding clues to resolve the mystery of chronic fatigue, hypoglycemia,
allergy, obesity, hormone imbalance, bacterial & yeast overgrowth, and premature
disease.Click here to view Biochemical Assessment information.

Jump Start Cleanse
The four-week Personal Jump Start Cleanse offers you a deeply transformative approach
to guide you on their journey to wellness. When followed, the program can naturally
reduce fatigue, ease anxiety, boost circulation, enhance skin tone, and restore a
sense of inner tranquility.Click here to view Jump Start Cleanse information.

Services and Costs
(Prices subject to change without notice)

Office Visit with Ed Bauman, Ph.D.
·Initial Health Evaluation Package (75-minute consultation,
Written Health Program, and 30-minute follow-up consultation) $ 295
·60 minute follow-up consultation $ 145
·30 minutes follow-up consultation $ 75
·10-15 minute conversation $ 40
  (phone, email, in person)
·Fasting consultation and materials $ 145/hr

Consultation with Staff Nutritionist
·Initial Health Evaluation Package $ 195
·60 minute follow-up consultation $ 100
·30 minutes follow-up consultation $ 50
·Diet, Lifestyle, & Health Concerns Evaluation $ 20
This online evaluation assesses key aspects of your
daily diet and lifestyle patterns, helping you create
healthier habits and prioritize your health goals. A brief
report with suggestions for next steps is provided.
(Includes download of the full-color Bauman Nutrition
Heroes and Bandits poster)

Home/Outside Visits ($75/hr)
·Kitchen/Pantry Consultation
·Grocery Shopping Tour
·Personal/Family Meal Plan
·Cooking lesson(s)
·Healthy Eating Out
·Home made picnics
·Take out
·Parties and holidays

Educational Materials (add tax and shipping)
·Recipes for Rejuvenation cookbook $ 20
·Bauman lectures with audio CDs $ 20
·Bauman lectures on DVD $ 30
·Bauman audio cassette series $ 30
·Health condition research and protocol $ 50
·Diet Evaluation Software $ 30
·Reversing Obesity Workbook $ 40

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