Commit To Be Well
A Six Month Mentored Health Building Program

Mission: Bauman Nutrition is working intensively with a group of committed clients who wish to improve their health. We advise them on a customized Eating for Health (E4H) food and lifestyle plan with targeted therapeutic nutrients. Progress and changes are monitored and documented on a monthly basis for six months. We are demonstrating that an improved health outcome will result from learning and practicing positive health behaviors.

Process: 6 Steps Provided to Facilitate Health Outcome

(1) Commitment: Decision to fully participate in the six month program
(2) Comprehensive Health Assessment: Health appraisal questionnaires, diet
evaluation, and lab tests
(3) Weekly Coaching: E4H Mentors educate and support clients
(4) Compliance: Client keeps diet and activity records and mentor appointments
(5) Conditioning: Client internalizes healthy habits and practices them naturally
(6) Outcome: Clinic measures health assessments, provides 3 month progress report, and 6 month health outcome evaluation

Eligibility: Open to adults 18 years and older. If a client is on prescription medication, a letter informing primary physician of program parameters can be provided.

Method: All participants will receive the following services:

(1) Health Assessment Intake at baseline by Bauman Nutrition Staff
(2) Customized Nutrition and Lifestyle Program devised by Staff
(3) Weekly 30-minute sessions from E4H Mentors: in person or by telephone
(4) Case conferencing by Dr. Bauman and Staff to discuss client progress and challenges

Cost: $195 for Intake (occasionally higher, for details call 707-824-0776)
plus $50 for each weekly 1/2 hour session thereafter for Six Months of weekly mentoring (occasionally higher, please call).
Laboratory assessments, nutritional supplements and additional counseling time will be billed separately.

Contact us anytime with your questions about this innovative and highly supportive program.

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